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Youth Program Volunteer Application

Youth Program Volunteer Application

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All Youth Program Volunteers are require to submit at least one reference that can speak to your qualities as a volunteer working directly with youth.

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our Youth Programs!  

If you have not already done so please visit our website to learn more about NW Kidney Kids mission, who we are, and what we do.

Starting in 2019, Northwest Kidney Kids is offering three Camps Programs - Summer Family Camp and Winter & Summer Youth Camps. The Kidney Camp experience provides a safe environment for children and families to gather for educational activities, parent and youth enrichment, emotional support, camaraderie, and networking. Participants receive support from professionals who understand these challenges, and children and parents offer meaningful support to one another and develop friendships that extend beyond Camp. Kidney Camp encourages campers to see life beyond their disease while addressing the emotional issues associated with kidney disease and empowering Kidney Kids to achieve lifelong success. 

In addition to our Kidney Camps, we also host day programs throughout the year to provide opportunities for children with chronic kidney disease and their families to connect.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering, you're welcome to email Mackenzie, our Camps and Programs Coordinator at prior to completing this volunteer application.